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Androlic is one of the most androgenic and effective anabolic steroids for gaining mass and volume. For an optimal effect, it is often taken in stack with Dianabol for mass gain or with Anavar to increase athletic strength.
  • Laboratory: A-Tech Labs,
  • Form: Injection,
  • Molecule: Oxymetholone,
  • Concentration: 50mg / vial,
  • Presentation: 1 vial of 10ml,
  • Recommended dosage: 50-150mg / day
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  • Strength: 5/5
  • Mass gain: 5/5
  • Fat / water loss: 0/5
  • Side effects: 3/5
  • Conservation of gain: 3/5

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After Dianabol, Androlic is the second best known oral steroid. Oxymetholone produces extremely spectacular mass gain and strength and an increase in strength.
A short cycle of Oxymetholone provides for most users at least a gain of 10 kilos in one month, which is considerable. Androlic provides as water retention as Dianabol. This acquisition is in fact largely salt and water retention. However the main disadvantage of all anabolic producing muscle gain by water retention is a large part of the mass gained will be lost afterwards. On one hand spontaneously after stopping the cycle, on the other hand during a lean period.
Those who wish to obtain the largest possible mass gain choose Oxymetholone. They thus build an exceptional muscle base but with a smooth and slightly rounded appearance, which will then be dried.
We can consider that on 10 kg obtained with an Oxymetholone cycle, there will ultimately remain approximately 6 kg of lean, dense and really acquired muscle mass. The cycle is limited to 4 weeks due to its high toxicity. It also requires for all the precautions (anti estrogens, liver protection, recovery).

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1 reviews for OXYME50 - Oxymetholone 50mg / ml - 10ml bottle - A-TechLabs

  1. Quen -

    I tried you guys out and got the best bargain possible. My stack of steroids were delivered to my home in 3 weeks, well packaged without any damage to my ordered products. One of my drugs was Drol which I used in running a bulking cycle. I experienced weight gain while my muscles were lean and vascular, but also full, thick and big. I also received quick and relevant responses to all my inquiries, something that I remain grateful for.

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