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The Peptides are the new generation of anabolic products. To put it simply, these are amino acid sequences of hormones. They allow to better target the objectives to achieve and allow you to enjoy the benefits you desire to HGH and only those you want. Peptides exist in their simple version, but there are also peptide mixes.

The results are exceptional, and with a double advantage:

Le price, this hgh sequence not being complete (theHGH is much more expensive)
Un precise targeting of your objectives. presents a full range of Peptides at unbeatable prices. The best quality Peptides available on the market are those from our laboratories. The most popular peptides are:

single peptide GHRP-6 for mass gain
single peptide GHRP-2 for gaining lean muscle and lean mass
single peptide Ipamorelin for anti-aging effects and an improvement in your body.
Peptide mix for improving your sex life
single peptide TB-500 to heal from your injuries and recover very quickly.
But also other Peptides like Fragment 176-191 MOD-GRF (1-29)IGF-1 LR3, Melanotan 2, CJC-DAC 1295, Sermorelin, PEG-MGF....

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