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What are oral anabolic steroids?

Different dosage forms of Anabolic Steroids are available for purchase in the market. These include injectable steroids and oral steroids. Oral steroids are intended for oral administration by mouth in tablet form.
Oral anabolic steroids are performance enhancing and bodybuilding drugs. These drugs are often used by strength athletes looking to improve both their physical appearance and overall athletic performance.

Injectable steroid or oral steroid?

It is a matter of choice as to which type of steroid is the best. Both types of steroids have their pros and cons. Some bodybuilders are shy and therefore prefer to use oral steroids rather than injectable steroids.
On the other hand, some oral steroids have moderate to high hepatotoxicity and can be dangerous for bodybuilders with poor liver. Improper use of these oral steroids can be potentially harmful to the health of bodybuilders with underlying liver health complications.
However, with the proper guidance of a qualified physician or bodybuilding trainer, bodybuilders can safely use oral steroids. It is important to have a post cycle therapy plan. Additionally, using liver protection medications with certain oral steroids can help keep your liver healthy.

Popular oral anabolic steroids

There are many oral steroids out there, but which one is the best oral steroid for bodybuilding. Here we provide popular steroid names.
These steroids provide bodybuilders with bulking or cutting bodybuilding benefits and in the shortest possible time.
Anavar by Prime Pharma:
Anavar offers bulking bodybuilding benefits and this one comes with 100 tablets. Each tablet has a concentration of 10 mg while the recommended daily dosage is between 20 mg and 100 mg. Anavar from Prime Pharma is valued at 60 euros.
Dianamed 10 by Deus Medical:
Bodybuilders looking to buy oral steroids online to increase muscle mass and volume can buy Dianamed 10 (Dianabol). This is a 50 tablet product, with each tablet having a concentration of 10 mg of methandienone. Dianamed 10 is valued at 40 euros. The recommended daily dosage is between 20 and 80 mg.

The Benefits of Oral Steroids

Oral anabolic steroids are commonly used for the following potential benefits in bodybuilding:

1. Well tolerated:

Most oral steroids have high bioavailability and are well tolerated when used by female and male bodybuilders. Oral steroids are metabolized by your kidneys or liver. As long as you don't abuse oral steroids, you won't put any extra strain on your vital organs.

2. Easy to use:

Oral steroids are easy to use. All you need is a glass of water to help you swallow the tablet (s) once taken.

3. Easy elimination:

Oral steroids are eliminated from the body in your urine or feces.

4. Mild side effects:

If you take a short cycle of oral steroids and stick to the recommended doses, you are less likely to experience serious side effects.

Oral steroid cycle

Certain oral steroids like Dianabol, Anavar and Clenbuterol are hepatotoxic. However, using safe doses of these oral steroids will not adversely affect the health of your liver. But if you have an underlying liver problem like hepatitis or jaundice, you can further damage your liver even with safe oral steroid dosages.
It is therefore advisable to consult your doctor and perform the necessary tests to give you a clear idea of ​​any liver related health complications before using oral steroids.
A short cycle of 2 to 6 weeks is ideal for most oral steroids. For example, you can run a 6-week cycle of 20 mg per day when using Anavar by Prime Pharma. You can also take between 20 mg and 40 mg of Dianamed 10 by Deus Medical over a 4 to 6 week cycle.
Besides your current state of health, the oral steroid cycle you decide to run will also depend on other factors, such as:

  • Your age,
  • Your gender,
  • Your body weight, and
  • The other steroids used in a stack.

Side effects of oral steroids

The most common side effects of oral steroids are:

  • Oily skin,
  • Vomiting,
  • Acne,
  • Increased growth of body and facial hair,
  • Nausea,
  • Increased growth of body and facial hair,
  • Irregular menstrual cycles,

Where to buy oral steroids for bodybuilding?

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