Grouped under a single name “” or “the Site”.


These conditions are concluded exclusively between, hereinafter referred to as "" or "the Site" and any person making a purchase on the site, hereinafter referred to as "the Internet user" and collectively referred to as "the Parties".

The Internet user declares to be of legal age in his country of origin and to have the legal capacity to place an order on this Website. The Parties agree that their relations are governed exclusively by these general conditions of sale. These conditions are subject to change. Therefore, it is understood that the applicable conditions are those in force on the site when the order is placed on the Site.



Our product and price offers are valid as long as they are visible on the Site, except for special operations, the period of validity of which is specified on the Site. The Internet user is invited to consult the availability of the items sold on the information page for each product.

In the event of an order for an item which turns out to be unavailable, reserves the right to change the product for an equivalent at the same price or more expensive, subject to notifying the Internet user. The Internet user can also opt for the total cancellation of his order, subject to informing customer service beforehand.



How to place an order on

Placing your order is done in several stages:

- the Internet user fills his basket of products,

- the Internet user chooses his delivery method,

- the Internet user chooses his method of payment,

- the Internet user validates his order,

– the Internet user then receives from an order registration e-mail,

- the Internet user country for his order,

- the Internet user completes the payment confirmation form,

- Finally, the Internet user receives an email confirming their order.

The order confirmation email signifies acceptance by of the Internet user's order and thus forms the sales contract between the Parties. As soon as the order is ready to be shipped, will send an order shipping email to the Internet user with the tracking number or tracks, then the order will be shipped.


Our prices

The prices displayed by default on the site are indicated in euros and all applicable charges.

The prices of the products displayed on do not include shipping costs, the price of certain packaging or the price of other optional services, subscribed by the Internet user.

These will be brought to the attention of the Internet user on the summary screen before final validation of the order.


What are the payment methods?

Internet users can pay for their purchases by Credit Card, Visa, Carte Bleue, Mastercard, E-Carte bleue via the Moneygram site or the Western-Union site. The Internet user is Invited Then to follow our tutorial to the web page of our partners qui l'Internet user must Then validate.

The Internet user can pay by international bank transfer.

The internet user can also pay for their purchases in cash at one of the Moneygram or Western-Union branches of their choice.

Finally, the user can pay by Bitcoin.

All payment information is detailed on the site in the ” means of payment  " tab  .

Payment Regularly exchange holders, the payment holder must be preferred by the user. is not responsible if you use an obsolete holder. The costs corresponding to the change of holder remain the responsibility of the Internet user. also reserves the right to refuse an order if there is a previous ongoing dispute over payment or for an abnormally high order level.



The products are available in all countries, except Canada and the United States.


Is it possible to deliver to a collective address?

Within the framework of a delivery to a collective address, the Internet user recognizes that the service of for the routing of the order stops with the effective delivery to the collective address indicated in his order, the product being able to be approved by a third party. The transfer of risks to the Internet user taking place at this time.

In the case of delivery to certain areas that are difficult to access, final delivery can then be made by a carrier independent of the carrier used by This delivery may give rise to additional invoicing by this carrier, not taking charge of this additional cost.


What are the delivery times?

The delivery times annoncé on the website are from the time of exit from the warehouse of the products ordered by the Internet user, not thesis times May Exceed 30 days from the validation of the order by the website. The Internet user is informed of the shipment of his order by email.

In the event of payment by bank transfer, the delivery period begins from the receipt of the Internet user's transfer by

As part of a relay point delivery, the Point Relais chosen by the Internet user may be closed (merchant's vacation, other…). In this case, the package will be dropped off at the nearest relay point to the Internet user's home. This information will be Indicated icts in order tracking. The Internet user: has a period of 10 working days from the day of receipt at Point Relay to collect Their package. Beyond this period, the return will be considered as non-compliant return and will not be refunded by, the package will be considered lost.


What should I do if I am absent during the delivery?

Within the framework of a delivery by private transporter and in case of absence during the first passage, an appointment will be made by the transporter. For delivery by appointment, the carrier will contact the Internet user directly to agree on a delivery schedule. In case of absence at the agreed times, the Internet user must notify at least five (5) working days before the agreed delivery date. Otherwise, additional presentations will be invoiced to the Internet user by the transporter.



The Internet user is free to choose the method of sending their product and can take out insurance in the event of loss, breakage or seizure of their package. does not cover these costs or the cost of transport and cannot be held responsible for the non-receipt of the Internet user's package if this insurance is not chosen (by checking the corresponding box) when validating the basket. The Site advises Internet users to opt for a shipment with insurance. Only online monitoring on the website of the official carrier used is done once.

- When using insurance for the loss of a package, the delivery address used must be complete, detailed and perfectly accurate. The name and surname used during a guaranteed delivery must be perfectly exact and complete. In addition, the name and first name used in the context of guaranteed delivery must be identical to the names on the mailbox. If your package is delivered and someone other than the one on the package picks up your package (neighbor, family or other), you will not be entitled to return your order.

- In the case of use of insurance for customs seizure, if your address is black-listed you will not have the right to return your order. An address considered black-listed is an address registered in the customs database as an address having at least one parcel blocked by customs in the 5 years preceding the order. In the case of validation of the use of insurance for customs seizure, please send us a new address and a new name without any history.

- In the case of use of insurance for breakage, a photo proving the breakage during transport must absolutely be taken and immediately transmitted to customer service upon receipt of the package. The Internet user has a period of 12 hours after receipt to send us this photo proving the breaking. After this period, the guarantee for breaking will not be valid. The transparent plastic in a vacuum containing the products must not be opened. If the vacuum plastic is opened, the warranty for breaking will not be valid.

Insurance covers the package in the event of loss, breakage or seizure of the package up to a maximum of 500 euros excluding transport and insurance.

No refund of order will be made by insurance, there can only be a return of the order up to a maximum of 500 euros.

Only one maximum return per order will be made, if the returned package encounters a new problem, cannot return a third package under the conditions described above.

The coverage of our insurance does not concern all countries, if DURING THE finalization of your basketball you do not-have the possibility to choose the insurance option, this means clustering That your country is not covered by it.

In all cases of return of packages, the transport costs are always borne by the customer.


ARTICLE 5 - RETENTION OF TITLE retains full ownership of the items purchased by the Internet user until the Internet user has fulfilled all of their obligations and in particular until payment of the order.



For any question relating to a purchase made on the network sites, the customer relations center can be reached:

-By email

-By the contact page



These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are made up of all of the clauses comprising them. The fact of not availing oneself at any given time of any of the clauses of the present, cannot be considered as a renunciation to avail themselves of these same clauses later. In the event of the invalidity of one of them, the other clauses remain valid.

Update December 2017

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