Our payment methods:

You can choose your preferred payment option on the payment page given to you after placing your order.

The payment page gives you the payment information to pay for your order, but also the payment form (to be completed) which is essential to validate your order after paying. You can also confirm your payment on the form at the bottom of this page.

The payment page for your order is available for 1 month after your order by clicking on “My account”> “Orders“> And click on the“ PAY ”button.

Here is a summary table to help you easily understand each payment method:


Payment methodBitcoin / AltcoinsPaybis.comBank transfer EUROPE (SEPA)RIAZelle (US only)MGWesternUnion
BitcoinBitcoin by Credit CardBank transferRIAMGWU
Payment method fees010%
(but we only charge you 5% Paybis charges)
Varies depending on your bank4-30 €/$
(varies according to the country and the amount of the order)
≥ 2%
(varies according to the country and the amount of the order)
≥ 2%
(varies according to the country and the amount of the order)
Upsteroid.com Service Fee-10%+ 5 %+ 10 %+ 5 %+ 10% (During the checkout)+ 5 %+ 5 %
Minimum order100 €/$100 €/$
150 €/$120 €/$
100 €/$120 €/$€/$200
Receipt of your paymentImmediate24-48h2 6-days24-48h24-48h2 7-days2 7-days
Credit card paymentUSA only
Payment by bank transferUSA only
Agency payment
Payment tutorialLearn morePaybis
Learn moreLearn moreLearn moreLearn moreLearn more

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