Classic Dry Mass Pack – DEUS MEDICAL – TURINABOL 8 weeks


This pack does not include the "samarin" protection, it is necessary so we recommend that you buy it separately

A 8-week cure ideal for gaining quality lean mass with Turinabol oral steroids. Pack designed, tested and approved by the team of experts at!

TURIMED 10 (Turinabol) - 50tabs of 10mg - DEUS-MEDICAL × 8

 Turinabol has strong similarities to Dianabol as it will increase strength and size but it is strength and performance for which it is most suitable. But unlike Dianabol
Turinabol will not aromatize for a higher level of tolerance for many users.
  • Laboratory: Deus Medical,
  • Form: Oral,
  • Molecule: Chlordehydromethyltestosterone,
  • Concentration: 10mg / tabs,
  • Presentation: 50 Tabs,
  • Recommended dosage: 20-60mg / day
35 / each.

NOLVAMED 20 (Tamoxifen citrate) - 50tabs of 20mg - DEUS-MEDICAL

Nolvadex is a trade name for tamoxifen citrate which is used to treat and prevent the development of certain types of breast cancer. Nolvadex Tamoxifen Citrate provides anti-estrogen protection by blocking the estrogen receptors in breast tissue. First developed by Imperial Chemical Industries, this drug is on the World Health Organization's list of essential drugs. Thanks to its muscle building benefits, Nolvadex is a popular drug among bodybuilders.
  • Laboratory: Deus Medical,
  • Form: Oral,
  • Molecule: Tamoxifen Citrate,
  • Concentration: 20mg / tablet,

CLOMIMED 50 (Clomiphene citrate) - 50tabs of 50mg - DEUS-MEDICAL

Bodybuilders use Clomid to trigger the production of endogenous Testosterone in the testicles, and thus avoid hormonal disturbances. Athletes testify that a daily dose of 50 to 100 mcg of Clomid helps restore normal testosterone levels in 2 weeks.
  • Laboratory: Deus Medical,
  • Form: Oral,
  • Molecule: Clomiphene Citrate,
  • Concentration: 50mg / tablet,
  • Presentation: 50 Tablets,
  • Recommended dosage: 50-100mg / day



Product intake:

  • Take 7 Turinabol 10mg = 70mg daily.
  • Take 4 Samarin per day. (Not included in the pack)
    We recommend that you take liver protection. In order to benefit from better rates, we have not included this product. You can buy it easily in pharmacies or on our site if you wish.

Due to the half-life of the anabolic steroid Turinabol, advisors at recommend starting your boost the day after your last anabolic steroid injection.

  • For recovery, take 1 Clomid daily for 20 days
  • For recovery, take 1 Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) daily for 20 days


TURINABOL Lean Mass Gain cycle chart (8 weeks)

1 to 870mg per day4 tabs per day
9 to 1125 mg daily50 mg per day

Further information

NOLVAMED 20 (Tamoxifen citrate) - 50tabs of 20mg - DEUS-MEDICAL

CLOMIMED 50 (Clomiphene citrate) - 50tabs of 50mg - DEUS-MEDICAL


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